Frequently asked questions

How can I add a new spot?

Did you find a new spot to park your van and do you want to share it with StayFree Community? That's awesome! 🖖 1.Find the area where it is possible to park the van. 2.Zoom the map and click on a 'plus' sign in the upper right corner. 3.Decide whether the spot can be accessible to all users or by your friends only. 4. Is it a wild spot? A Parking, or campsite? Select a spot type. 5. Name the spot and add spot features 6. Describe the spot a bit - focus on what is most important for the user while searching for a place to park a van. 7. Add photos that will show what the spot looks like WELL DONE! ⭐️

How the Cleanup works?

Everyone can make a Cleanup! 1. Did you park your van in wildness? 2. Do you see any garbage left on the spot? 3. Take the gloves, a bag collect the trash. 4. Open StayFree, select a spot, click on 'Cleanup' 5. Add a photo of the garbage you have collected and publish it in the App. THANK YOU! In this way we motivate others to keep all wild spots clean! Regurarly check the Clean-up Ranking by clicking on 'Top Users' in the app:

How many spots can I add to a list?

With a free version you can add maximal 3 spots to your Favorite list. Do you need more spots and lists? No problem! Become a StayFree Premium User: - Create as many lists as you want -Add unlimited sposts to your lists

What are the spots lists?

With the spots lists you can organize your vanlife spots and travel plans into spots groups. Have quick access to your favourite spots. Add wishlists, 'must go' spots, save places that you have visited.