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SLOW TRAVEL - 5 simple ideas

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Time for vanlife - the time for us - a proper self-care time. Are you craving to reconnect with nature and rediscover the beauty of woods, lakes, and mountains? Maybe it's time to embrace the slow pace of life and travel with a camper. Vanlife offers an opportunity to take things slowly, be patient, and enjoy the journey. It's a chance to answer the call of freedom and explore the world at your own pace.

Freedom is calling! 

Vanlife | Slow travel | Camping in Europe | StayFree App

5 simple ways how to travel slow - vanlife traveling

1. Drive small routes only 

Enjoy the ride! Vanlife is not only driving from spot to spot! Even if you found a perfect place on the map - don't rush from spot to spot. Instead, take small routes and discover the beauty of the landscapes, cottages, and picnic places along the way. Make time for breaks to enjoy a coffee, or dinner, or simply soak in the view.

2. Don’t plan too much 🧐

Don’t add too many spots to your list! Plan your tour just in frames. Leave room for spontaneity and falling in love with a place you parked “just for one night”. While it's good to have a rough plan in place, don't overload your itinerary with too many spots.

Did you know that in StayFree app you can create wishlists with the spots you want to visit?

3. Meet locals & eat like locals 

Give yourself the time not only for visiting must-see points but also to talk with local people, hear their stories, and meet them. People as well as nature create the environment and culture. Go to the local grocery, or cafe, or stop by the local market. Take the time to hear their stories and experience the local vibe.

4. Relax. Take time to do some activities 

Many kilometers and miles, long hours in a car, often without air conditioning - traveling with the van can be exhausting! Chill out - give yourself the time for a good yoga or meditation practice. Find out what activities you can do nearby the spot you are staying in (you can easily plan it! To do that use filters in the StayFree app. ;) ) Enjoy the sounds of nature- the bonfire in the evening or the singing of birds in the morning.

5. Take the time to say thank you to Mother Nature🌿

The spot was nice but you found their trash left by others? Take a bag and collect it all! Make a photo and share it in StayFree to show and motivate others that you care about. It's important to give back and appreciate the beauty of nature.

In short, embrace the vanlife and the beauty of slow travel. Take small routes, meet locals, relax and take part in activities, and show gratitude to Mother Nature. Enjoy the journey and the beauty of van living with nature.

💚 Have fun exploring campervan living 💚

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