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Sustainable van living

Updated: May 20, 2021

Traveling in a van seems to be carefree. Beautiful landscapes, freedom, joy, and slow travel are conducive to relaxation. By visiting spots and exploring what nature has created for us, we get closer to it, we get to know it and we appreciate it more.

Do you wonder, how you can pay back to nature and how to follow the rules of #greenvanlife?

We created a shortlist of the things which you can do to live a full sustainable vanlife:

  1. Be as quiet as possible - don't listen the loud music in the natural places, enjoy the sounds of nature - water, wind, singing birds.

  2. Enjoy your tiny van kitchen - grill and make a fireplace only where allowed. Please avoid open fires during hot summer months.

  3. Keep it clean - do not dispose the bio-waste out of your van and do not wash your dishes in the lake or the river. Leave no trace! - Keep this always in mind. If you see anything left by the others, pick it up, and take it with you.

If you have the opportunity - educate, and inspire others to change the world for the better. Make a photo of the #cleanup you did and post it in StayFree:

Many of you are already doing cleanups - THANK YOU!

4. 💩left on the spot can’t be acceptable by homies living close to the spot area but also by other vanlifers! Respect the nature and the whole community by storing your poo properly - where allowed!

5. Respect wildlife - we leave nature gifts where they belong to. ‘’Take only pictures, leave only footprints’’, keep this sentence always in mind.

Greenvanlife is a lifestyle of people who love the planet, the rural, slow life and nature.

In our green community, many of you have great ideas for more sustainable travel. Here is a comparison and some ideas of Fabi and Mari from the blog (in German) :

When we decided to live full-time in our campervan two years ago, we followed the deep wish for a more conscious and sustainable life. The combination of living tiny and traveling Europe provided us some interesting opportunities.

For reducing our waste, we've developed some habits in our travel routine. Our biggest game-changers are:

1. Check out local bulk shops.

2. Go to the farmer's market and bring your own bags.

3. Cook fresh meals in your van.

4. Recycle! In Portugal, Spain, France, and Scandinavia, there are recycling stations on nearly every street corner.

5. Make your own cleaning and body care products.

6. Take good care of your belongings so that they will last a long time.

💚 Enjoy the good life 💚

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