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5 most incredible European vanlife vacation destinations

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

This late summer, like the previous months of 2020 is different, we all can feel it. Many of our travel plans have been changed. We travel more local, more slowly, appreciate the beauty of nature and the freedom - lucky who have a van in these crazy times!


Traveling has become quite a challenge. What needs to be done first is checking where we can go without any problems with the border crossing and without obligatory quarantine.

-> Which from all beautiful countries in Europe can be entered without any restrictions?

We checked that for you:


Germany opened its borders for travelers.

Germany offers many natural regions like Brandenburg, Bayern with the big amount of beautiful spots, both - wild and paid, with all facilities and whole nature charm. Going to Germany you definitely should take your bike and hike shoes with, it won't be boring any matter in which region you are staying. 

In StayFree you find a large base of the wonderful cam spots in Germany. Visit our app and find the perfect spot for a night 💚


Croatia - Pearl of Dalmatia coast. Not so commercial as Spain and Italy but offers many breathtaking spots for all traveling with the van. Unique nature landscapes and warm water of the Adriatic sea. The number of really great camping sites is large, many of them are suitable for families traveling with kids. Paklenica and Učka national parks can be recommended to all loving wild mountains, Ken and Cres and Pag islands are dreamy too.


Sweden has not implemented any quarantine rules and remains open to travelers from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and the UK.

Sweden - epic van destination- the country of lakes! There are more than 100k lakes in the whole country and it’s allowed to stay for the night wherever you wish. You can enjoy your freedom and much space! Sweden likes van life. In StayFree you will find many awesome spots to stay for a night. If you go there during the warm months you will be happy to see the light summer nights - more time to enjoy stunning nature sceneries. A cool place for all loving water sports adventures.

StayFree users added many breathtaking and lonely, wild spots in Sweden. Feel free to discover them 💚


Portugal - explore paradise for Vanlifers! Approximately 850km of coastline Portugal is one of the warmest countries in Europe. Magnificent coasts, blue waters, perfect weather, friendly people, and tasty food. Both wild nature and cities offer a lot. Park your van on the cliff, watch water hitting the rocks, and enjoy the memorable sunsets. There are a lot of spots with a view which can be visited by you in Portugal. Try surfing, climbing, and fall in love with people there. 


Romania isn't in the group of the most infected countries in Europe. The borders are open and the social life is getting back to normality again.

Romanian culture, history, and breathtaking nature make this place special for your van trip. The country offers a lot for everyone - depending on what you like you find there snowy mountains, woods, hills, and the great coasts of the Black Sea.

Enjoy driving on the world's most beautiful road - Transfagarasan highway. Taking up more time in Romania will make you discover amazing spots just below the hiking trails and discover a large number of old castles.

We all live in a beautiful place called Earth. Explore it!

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