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Travel Tracker in StayFree

Make your vanlife adventures unforgettable with the new Travel Tracker in StayFree.

The time spent on a road trip is intense and full of new experiences, excitement, and thrills. You wish never to forget all these beautiful spots and exciting moments during a few weeks' holidays or an expedition that lasts several months...

But in reality, how many times have you happened to forget the exact route of your road trip? Or keeping track of the precise route of your journey was tedious, time-consuming, and required several different apps? We know that having a bunch of apps to plan, follow and track the trip, a camera and a notebook can become a logistical disaster and the road trip time can turn into a nightmare.

That's why we made StayFree an even more travel-friendly app this year. From now on, in StayFree you can add new trips, and with the one-click, while doing a Check-In you track all the spots you have visited during your trip. Our intelligent system automatically makes a route out of them for you and you can follow all your steps on the map.

Less time spent note-taking, more time spent turning vanlife dreams into travel realities.

For each Check-In, you can upload a beautiful photo from the spot or activity that accompanied your stay there. Keep any beautiful moment or place. We track for you the km driven on your vanlife trip and the number of Check-Ins, which in itself is a fantastic memoir.

In addition, you can define the start and end of your camping holiday or longer campervan journey.

In the future, you will never have to think or argue with a travel partner about when you were in Greece for the winter and which summer you spent in Norway. Everything stays in StayFree. So simple.

Want to share your camping journey with friends or family? It can be done. Share your travels with your friends — or keep it to yourself. You decide.

And if you need travel inspo take a look at the new section added to the app: 'Best of', which offers a compilation of beautiful wild camp spots but also lovely mini-camps by private owners. Add them to your Wishlist and plan your next journey - Because after the trip is now before the trip. ;)

Ready? It's time to add your first Trip in StayFree!

Download on the Apple Store

Download on the Google Play Store

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