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7 TOP camping spots in Sweden that you cannot miss!

Planning a trip to Sweden and still looking for stunning places to park your van? See these great spots to stay with a campervan at any time of the year!

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1.Beach Camping near Klagshamm:

In the low season it is a great and peaceful place to spend the night in an RV. The view is fantastic and the proximity to town provides urban entertainment.

2.Waldstellplatz bei Vaggeryd

An idyllic place to sleep in the wild with good access. Peace and closeness to nature ensured.

3.Böda hamn

Motorhome parking on the island Öland. For a small fee you'll spend the night on a scenic & wild spot with the view. Spot is very close to the harbour where you can eat tasty fish & drink and simply enjoy the day!

Tip: Ass spots to lists in the app so you never lose them!

4. Parking on the beach

Vättern is a second biggest lake in Sweden with crystal-clear water. On its side there are beautiful small beaches where you can park your van and spend the beautiful day in water or on a hike.

5. Kinnekulle

Feel like you're in a canyon in Australia. The original view provides a super experience and feeling of freedom.

6. Tjörn

Are you close to Gothenburg? Make sure to visit this place! 5 star spot on StayFree, users love it!

7. By the river

Peace, quiet and the sound of the river... Sometimes you can see traces of moose. It is worth to be quiet to observe them!


Sweden is a great country for wild camping, but remember not to stay longer than 24 hours and respect the wildlife. Do not disturb animals and don't leave rubbish behind! It is our responsibility to keep these places as beautiful as they are now!

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