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A Norwegian Camping Trip

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Norway is a great place for all enthusiasts of beautiful nature, diverse landscapes, and.. hiking, of course! No matter where in Norway you are, you will find some beautiful hiking trails everywhere (even close to the cities). Norway is not just mountains and fjords, but also beautiful lakes and beaches and picturesque towns.

Planning a campervan trip to Norway? Find out the most essential information and plan your vanlife trip.


The Scandinavian countries are a good place for this form of camping. Norway’s right to roam law gives anyone the right to access public land, also for overnight camping.

Does this mean that you can camp anywhere? Hmm, actually no. Of course, there are limits and rules you should follow.

  • You must stay at least 150 meters away from private property, or private campgrounds. You shouldn't stay at one spot for more than 24 hours.

  • Remember that every wild camp spot should be treated with respect. Don't leave rubbish behind, and furthermore, if you find rubbish on the spot, do a cleanup - clean it up and take a picture of it and post it on the StayFree app to motivate others to do the same! :)

  • In some areas, especially tourist hot spots, it is not allowed to camp wild, and we recommend that you observe this, as the fines are quite high.

  • Of course, respect the local people and do not camp where there are 'No Camping' signs.

What can I do while wild camping?

  • Of course, you can hike, lie in a hammock, swim (although the water is quite cold)

  • You can pick berries and mushrooms, but do it with caution!

  • If there is a designated fireplace, and it is not too dry, you can light a bonfire and enjoy the beautiful night sky.

  • You may fish for saltwater species for your own use

  • You can kayak, boat, or use a SUP

Recommended spots
  • Helleren - . Parking by Jøssingfjorden. Beautiful hiking guaranteed, a waterfall visible from the car park. You can definitely stay overnight here.

  • Wanderparkplatz - . On the way to the city of Stavanger. By the forest overlooking the lake. Quiet and easy, and scenic hikes add variety to your day.

  • Lyngevatnsnet - . No people in radius of 30 km, no network signal and amazing sunrise.

  • Geiranger Fjord - . This car park is the place from where you can hike to the view point on the Geiranger Fjord. If you don't like crowds, skip the town of Geiranger and come here to enjoy nature.

You can find thousands of other spots in StayFree, all of which offer you other beautiful moments during your journey. Plan your trip to Norway now! With StayFree, you can add spots to your list with one click and save them for later.

Campsites in Norway

There are plenty of campsites in Norway, and it is usually not necessary to book in advance. Usually, you have to pay about 250-300NOK per night (camper + 2 persons), and electricity is charged extra. The campsites are often in beautiful locations and offer many activities, such as water sports equipment (kayaks, SUPs) or a sauna.

We recommend in particular those campsites which we have personally checked.

  • Melkevoll - Camping in the glaciers area. From there you can start your hike to the famous Birksdalsbreen and other beautiful glaciers. For more information, see the StayFree app: .

  • Tvinde - Wonderful location, camping overlooking a beautiful waterfall. Click here to open the campsite: .

  • Soggebru Camping - Just after the Troll Path - the very famous mountain road. Camping located near Ålesund where you can spend a beautiful day on the river and enjoy the sun. Check out here .

When is the best time to go to Norway?

If you want to admire the Northern Lights, you should visit Norway in February or March.

Summer season runs from May to the end of September, but the most tourist month is July also many Norwegians go on holiday at this time of the year. During this period, spots can be full, and it can take longer to find a place. However, there are enough spots on the StayFree app, and you will find a place to sleep in every area of Norway.

Internet costs in Norway

4G signal coverage is good even in the most remote places, however, the internet costs are high. You can buy a SIM card in any shopping center, your best option is to go to a Telia shop if you are there. 30GB costs 500 NOK. If you are working remotely from a van, it is better if you buy a larger internet package in your country. Thanks to Norway's agreement with the EU, roaming works perfectly.

Costs in Norway

Alcohol in Norway is an expensive affair. Beer is available in any food shop but costs about 30-40 NOK. Remember that if you are transporting alcohol across the border, you have to declare it. Prices for other products such as vegetables and fruit are similar to those in Germany.

Norway is a beautiful, versatile country that is wonderful to explore with the camper. As long as you keep a few things in mind when wild camping, you will certainly have a wonderful holiday there.

We wish you a wonderful time!

P.S Don't skip any spots you've visited! Using the Check-In function in StayFree, you save all the spots automatically, so you can keep track of your trips.

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