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Meet Marc and Rusty 🚐

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Marc is a StayFree user since May 2020. He's been traveling since tree years across Europe with his Mitsubishi L300 4x4 named Rusty.

Marc and Rusty

His vanlife story began already in the childhood, when travelled by van with the family. There is a long tradition of road trips in his family, as his grandparents enjoyed going on trips with a camper. No wonder that right after he made his driving licence he decided to buy his own van, of which he is very proud: ,,I built it myself entirely. The van is small but has all it needs: water, electricity, a fridge, an interior table to work or eat inside and a double bed. Before that I had a Mercedes Vito W638 that I also built myself with a kitchen and a bed but I needed something that I could travel with for much longer and way further, during winter and going offroad easily.''

We asked Marc couple of questions about his way of traveling and places that he has been visited. Read a short history of Marc.

Where do you usually travel? In which countries have you been and how often are you on the road?

- I travel basically everywhere as long as it’s not in a city! But what I prefer is to go where others don’t to discover the most beautiful and peaceful spots. That’s one of the major reasons I bought a 4x4. I’m also dreaming about a road trip through Africa but because of the current global situation, it’s still a project.

In Europe I’ve already been to Spain, Andorra, France, Germany, Switzerland of course, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania and Greece. I take the road as much as I can, even if it is for a week-end or a few days. I spend most of my holidays abroad.

What is your best vanlife memory?

- In Albania we met four Belgians friends and two Germans in a van. We found a wonderful spot on the lakeside near Koman. We spent almost the whole night talking about travel, food, culture, philosophy etc. I cooked french fries on the fire for everyone and we shared a bottle of whiskey looking at the bright stars. But there are so many good travel memories that it’s hard to choose only one!

What vanlife means to you?

- Freedom! Freedom in all its forms. Going in nature, enjoying the road and the views but also enjoying taking the time to discover people, cultures and places. This freedom also means cleaning my spots, respecting locals and other travelers: everyone has to feel free to enjoy their trip!

Freedom! Freedom in all its forms!

Where was your best spot so far?

- My favorite spot is in the desert of the Tabernas in south Spain. It’s a perfectly silent place in between the red mountains and under a palm tree:

What do you like about StayFree and why do you use the app?

- I’m using StayFree mostly because of its community. The ones who use the apps appear to be very environmental friendly and clean the spots. Therefore it’s easy to post a spot knowing that the people will respect it and let it clean. 💚

Do you want to know the other spots discovered by Marc?

Open his profile in StayFree now and follow his journeys.


We are happy that our #greenvanlife Community has so many great members. Got a story to tell? Let us know!

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